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released August 1, 2000



all rights reserved


michael thorne jarrett Texas

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Track Name: Time to Go Home
Time To Go Home

I remember you smiling in Austin
As I watch the Tennessee sky
The stars light up the night like the cars
On I-40 and down 35

AM an old country station
Crossing the Arkansas line
Willie is singing 'bout flying too close to the ground

The fiddler was playing Jole Blon
But all the dancers were gone
You put your hand on my shoulder
Whispered it's time to go home

The hum of the tires on the highway
Like a song that I heard long ago
The words aren't all there but the melody's clear
Something 'bout life on the road

The moon sure looks funny hung sideways
But he ain't got nothing on me
Smiling like someone who's dying to get back to you

The morning is chasing behind me
I'm gonna see you today
The stars come undone as the light from the sun
Gently wipes them away

I think of you smiling this evening
The way that you settle me down
There's a lonelier sound than the winding of wheels on the road
Track Name: Mollie

Mollie was a barefoot dancer
Gliding through them second glances
All the boys would wait their chance
Just to hold her hand

She could make the rain start smiling
With just a wink of her eye
She'd put the sun back in the sky
Whenever she's around
Local boys say...

Oh my, Miss Mollie, I'd like to be your man tonight
Won't you dance me 'round there for a while
She'd grin and take their hands
Spin 'em like the prairie wind
Yes sir, a waltz with her sure could get you high

The women talked there in the corner
The men would watch over their shoulder
She'd two-step like she was older
Than just seventeen

Like the sunlight on the water
Cotton dress wrapped round about her
She made 'em think of times they never
Thought they'd see again
They'd say...

Green eyes and brown hair braided
In my mind still unfaded
Every song that I played
She'd seem to dance for me
Track Name: Dead Man's Waltz
Dead Man's Waltz

You was too young and handsome to live in that town
And play at the tables, pass the bottle around
The men called you "Kid" but you called them your boys
When the women came down, you'd get your first choice
But your pistol was always too close to your hand
Making you feel like you're more than a man

The women and whiskey kept you warm every night
The gun by your side made you ready to fight
Your blood started burning when the cold blew away
The men tried to keep your mind on the game
But you would not listen, you was too young
One day he walked in with his hand on his gun

Ashes are ash when the dust settles down
The moon'll look lonely tonight
You can't hear the wind without remembering the sound
You sit every night at your door
But nobody comes knocking no more

He sat with the woman who slept in your bed
You pointed that out with your gun at his head
Not sure if the liquor caused the glaze in your eyes
He stepped from the table in total surprise
With a knife in his hand as he turned back around
Your chest was on fire when you both hit the ground

The years have passed by and your body has healed
The people've stopped talking but your mind never will
You won't learn to dance and you can't learn to fly
You'll never smile without fear in your eyes
So you sit on the front porch and stare the moon
Waiting for nothing at all
Track Name: Suzannah's Silver Ribbon
Suzannah's Silver Ribbon

She says she works at the cafe on the corner
I know it's true because I've seen her there
She walks to work early every morning
She wears a silver ribbon in her hair

You smile like the summer breeze Suzannah
Dancing like that ribbon in your hair
And I hope someday you'll see Suzannah
There's more to living than this city air

On Wednesday's she gets off at 2:30
I know because I saw her yesterday
I called her name but she didn't hear me
I had finally got the nerve to say...

Passing by the cafe early evening
Summer sun is stretching out the light
Caught her eye just as she was leaving
"I'd like to walk you home if that's alright"

We caught a bus just four blocks from the cafe
Got off at the last stop on the route
Sun's about to sink into the valley
"Hurry" she says "it's not much longer now"

Sitting on a bluff above the river
Half a moon is hanging in the sky
She unties the ribbon sun is golden in her hair
Evening dancing beauty in her eyes

You smile like the summer breeze Suzannah
Dancing like the sun across the sky
Life and love can be so funny Suzannah
Let me hold your silver ribbon for a while
Track Name: One Too Many Mornings
One Too Many Mornings

She’s staring through the window
Out across the street
Where the sun lifts the rain
Off the concrete like a veil

The mist is slow in rising
Like lies she thought were love
It's one too many mornings
Where the shower ain’t enough

‘I didn’t see a road’ she says
You can see it in her eyes
Wet hair on her shoulders
Cool there where it lies

She backs up from the window
The light falls on her feet
‘If I wait here 'til tomorrow,
It won’t be so hard to meet’

She can feel the sun upon her
Like she hasn't for some time
‘Jesus Christ, I’m dying’
She says it in her mind

She lifts her arms above her
Cries to taste the tears
Like some forgotten lover
That she hasn’t seen in years

Sunlight in the water
Pieces of her heart
The morning may be gone
But it ain't too late to start

She trembles for the crying
Anxious as a bride
Waiting in the wings
With her daddy by her side

She’s staring through the window
Out across the street
Where the sun lifts the rain
Off the concrete like a veil
Track Name: Come On
Come On

She comes to me like summer breezes
Speaks her mind with just a smile
Sunshine awaits her voice
The sky obeys her like a child

Whispers words long and lonesome
Lost somewhere in my mind
Then she leaves me
Like a poet who cannot find a rhyme

Got the world wrapped round her finger
Wrapped my heart around her thumb
Though I wanted I could not bring her
Love or flowers, rain or sun

Sighs like the sky on fire
Makes the morning sun look new
Then she leaves me
Like a choir with no one to sing to

Now the sun is laying low, boys
Evening clouds are rolling in
All the stars they come rejoicing
But my heart is not with them

There's a place the clouds can't cover
There the moon won't make you blue
There's a place there for a lover
With no one to cling to

She comes to me like summer breezes
That blow where they will
Got my heart wrapped round her finger
But I cannot love her still
Track Name: Song for Sarah
Song for Sarah

Sleep now for it’s evening Sarah
Sleep so that you may
Wake tomorrow morning
To brighten another day
Stars, they sing a song for you
Moon, he holds your hand
Morning waits your waking
To help the sun to stand

Dream a dream of flowers
Like when you were young
A field of painted daffodils
Dancing in the sun
Fall into their music
Hands up to the sky
Lift them to Jesus
He loves you even more than I

I’d like to keep you safe from
All the trouble that I’ve known
But if that just ain't do-able
I’ll never let you cry alone
I got a shoulder you can lean on
To rest your head a while
I’ll play you any song that you want me to
Babe, if it'll make you smile

Sleep now for it’s evening Sarah
Morning ain't too far
You’ll start the sun a-shining
You’ll hold a poor boy’s heart
Track Name: Ballad of the Ace of Spades
Ballad of the Ace of Spades

My daddy named me Navy ‘bout a week before he died
Least that’s what mama told me on the nights that she cried
Herself to sleep in the bedroom there
While I’s getting beat playing Solitaire

I grew up trying to be what he was not
And not get shot in a barroom fight
And not get caught with a second Spade Ace
In a game with a man with a scar on his face

When I was a kid I built me a fort
Way up in a tree, a magnolia of course
My friends would come by and we’d play Old Maid
I’d beat ‘em or cheat ‘em with the tricks of the trade

One day I was up there, nobody but me
I’s learning to hide a card up my sleeve
When the wind blew through and the cards they scattered
One out the door to ground it fluttered

I jumped to catch it but I missed by an inch
So I jumped again and I hit every branch
As I fell from the top of that magnolia tree
I caught that card, but it didn’t catch me

I hit the ground hard with the card in my hand
It hurt a lot more than I guess I'd have planned
But I didn’t care much that I was all tore up
‘Cause it was a Spade Ace, and they’re full of good luck

About 20 years later, I turned 21
Went out on the town to scare up some fun
I stopped at Old Nick’s and got out of the truck
Put my lucky Spade Ace in my drawers for good luck

Old Nick’s was a-buzzing with gamblers and girls
And a couple of cowboys sitting on stools
In corner down past the end of the bar
Some fellow was singing playing a Mexican guitar

About 6 shots later and Spanish lullaby
She walked in with wet hair in her eyes
She pulled it all back and wrung out the rain
Walked up beside me, said her name was Lorraine

Well me and Lorraine, we hit it off big
Stepped on the floor to a fiddler’s jig
She’s something else, oh my, she could dance
And I’s glad that I had my Spade in my pants

About 2 weeks later we tied the knot
Honeymooned in my truck in the mall parking lot
You should’ve seen the look on her face
When she found where I kept my lucky Spade Ace

She laughed and said, “Oh my, that’s keen,
‘Cause that’s right where I keep my lucky red Queen”
Then she showed me…

King, he’s got the money; Queen, she’s got her smile
You might have seen their faces if you’ve walked that road a while
Hell is full of Aces, well you know it if you’ve been
Me, the Joker and the Jack, we got one hand in the wind

Lorraine and her Queen, they were a mighty fine pair
I’d come home and they’d both be there
Sharing a bottle and finding all my flaws
That’s not to mention the late night phone calls

Things didn’t work out with me and Mrs. Navy
It was like chicken fried steak without any gravy
We could only seem to agree on one thing
That she was the greatest, if you know what I mean

So she packed up and she left the place
And I went down to the bar with my lucky Spade Ace
And lost everything ‘cept the boots on my feet
Got shot by a man who said I’s a cheat

He got up and left me lying here
Gut-shot on the ground so I can’t reach my beer
Thinking about women and Jesus
And the valleys of darkness that our choices’ll lead us

And how not even ten minutes before
I’d bet my pistol on that dirty Club whore
But she didn’t turn up and I lost my place
With four Clubs and a Heart and my lucky Spade Ace

It was the Ace that got him all heated and mad
Although it could not have helped the hand that I had
He threw down his cards and picked up my gun
And he shot me with my bullets that he’d already won

If you’ve never been shot, I don’t recommend it
But I didn’t see it coming so I couldn’t defend it
But I’s glad I had my Ace or I might be dead
Shot in the heart or worse yet in the head

So give me an hour and my story’ll be through
And you can get back to whatever it is that you do
But there’s a moral here that maybe you’ll find
If your Spade Ace is a lot luckier than mine
Track Name: Thinking of You Now
Thinking of You Now

Evening sky is sliding by
The stars begin to smile
I thought of you this afternoon
And I'm thinking of you now

The moon hangs in the half-light
Of the night it's trying to steal
The sun's still spinning this old world around
Jesus love you this I know and he always will
And I can't wait to see you again

If I had a boat I'd sail
Across the shining sea
If I had an airplane
I'd fly you back to me

But all I got is this guitar
And a beat-up Chevrolet
And neither one's gonna take me very far
So I pray the Lord will hold you close and bless you every day
I'll be waiting when you get back home

My fingers hurt from playing songs I'd like for you to hear
I wish the wind would carry them softly to you there
Jesus loves you this I know and he always will

You've been such a friend to me
I hope you know somehow
I thought of you this afternoon
And I'm thinking of you now