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by michael thorne jarrett

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Everytime 04:22
Everytime The weary sun she set like down- Feathers spread across the ground Dropped her evening dress right there Stood there trembling the half lit air Stood there trembling Stars came out for company They arrived too late to see Found me strumming an old guitar Wishing I was wherever you are Wishing I was wherever Sunset turns a lonely heart Colors red and wine Burns just like a shooting star I don't think about you every time I don't think about you every time As long as sun and moon endure Luck's a chance but pain's for sure I'll face like the foolish do Train for luck and fall for you Train for luck and fall The bottle's dry against my will Your skin's as soft as a twilight still Cooling off the edge of day Against lips of cabernet I ain't the first to find you fair I've got awkward ways more than my share Time is cheap and love is free But you couldn't waste either one on me You couldn't waste either one
South Llano River In a curve of the South Llano River Where the water runs seven feet deep The catfish all sing to each other Once the sun fish have fallen asleep When the moon hangs high in Orion And the stars on the water don't bend You can hear their sad songs if you're lying On the banks with a mind to pretend Once I dreamed of being a cowboy Once I dreamed of a life on the sea My horse's name would have been Rambler And my sailboat the Skinny Gypsy But neither one would have taken me nowhere I didn't think I'd want to go I'd just sit on a ranch or the water With no kind of songs of my own Wondering thoughts they're a buzzing And biting my arms and my feet I wish you could be here to listen I wish that you wanted to be Mosquitos don't fly in the winter And fish don't learn music in schools A man doesn't cry cause he's hurting But the Llano don't play by the rules So in a curve of the South Llano River Where the water-stars dance with a breeze The catfish all sing with each other In painfully high harmonies The unbroken hearts never will join them For fear they won't find the right key But living's the risk'in' the going So the sail-boats and horses agree
Crooked Bootheel Dreams Stars strip the night of darkness Pull the thread of a blanket sky Turning circles in the windshield Turning circles into time Sister wrap my arm around you Windows down and the heat on high Ocean sound's a sleeping shudder The highway hum is a lullaby I am just a lonely rambler Looking for a wandering rhyme You're a kind of loose-change gambler Betting on a pair of nines Crooked bootheels and empty pockets Feel just a little out of sorts One from dreaming, one from walking Both just a hair off course It's you and me and constellations Cruising through the midnight air If the road was a wish waiting Honey, I could take you there Where you are and where you want to be That's all you need to know The hours between the two They're the reasons that you go Back-roads and the red woods Got me so damned confused You're a silent kind of forest I'm the ocean filled with blues Your head in my lap resting Dreaming where there is no "why?" I don't know too much for certain But I know your sleeping sigh Rises like rolling waters Looking for a place to land Falls like the pinks and oranges When the day decides to end Clouds cling to the coming morning Sets a darkness darker down Most times it would make me lonesome Not tonight with you around Rain she falls like a diamond shines In trembling hands on a lover's knee Wets the white beach sands of time She connects the ocean to the trees Ah, to taste the water falling Ah, to turn with the world in time It's an active Alleluia Spinning with the traveling kind If you get around to losing Everything but your mischief schemes I'll be waiting there And we will chase your crooked bootheel dreams
Canadia 03:14
Canadia My bonnie, lovely lady You are headed to Canadia It will be so many days without your smile Don't you think that just because I'm roaming the Americas That you won't be with me for every mile On the sands of Mexico The islands of Abaco The coast of California, or the Windy City shore I hope to meet you in your dreams Stay away from grizzlies Come back with all the toes and knees you had before You'll be learning skills for life Become like a Swiss Army Knife Making coffee filters out of underwear Your hair will get much rougher Your skin will get much tougher 'Cause you can't take Lubriderm or razors there But if you come back hairy From the Yukon Territory That won't change one bit the way I feel for you If you come back a crocodile I'll become the River Nile So that I can still hold you if you want me to My bonnie, lovely lady You are headed to Canadia It might be too many days to hold my breath But I don't mind trying And if I end up dying It won't be from lack of air but loneliness Aurora Borealis shows Eating pies with eskimos There will be so many entertaining things to do But if you get some time alone Eat an Arctica snow-cone And think about a boy back home who's missing you
The Bottom of Blue Did you feel my heart slipping To the bottom of blue When you told me "I love you" But not like I love you Did you wish there was something That you maybe could say It didn't have to be pretty I'd have taken anything Did you look out your window As I drove away Did you wish you could change it What did you wish? You could change it The face of the night wonders why He keeps trying to stay in the sky And it's dragging him down In the dark on the hillside With the highway below Broken taillights look lonely If the headlights could only know Did you feel my heart slipping To the bottom of blue When you told me "I love you" But not like I love you
Sonnet at Sunrise The sun slants through my window On a thousand angels' wings Sets the morning in the dust Like your gray hairs in my dreams There's an echo gently fading Of your laughter it might have been Now receding with my waking I cannot bring it back again I'm the dust and dirt my darling You're as soft as an eiderdown Press your cool lips against my forehead Till my rambling runs aground Can you pick up my broken pieces Set them gently on your shelf Can you bring me the love of Jesus Babe, to save me from myself You got brown eyes watching the sunrise Someplace far from this room I got a two-count heart a-beating Once for me and once for you I can't believe the wind ain't roaring I can't believe the rain don't care Nah, the morning's just a lover With the sunrise in her hair The sun slants through my window On a thousand angels' breath Making warm light out of dust Like your hair does on my chest
Love and Poetry Pull the shades on the window tight Try to block out the vacancy light Dreams will be dressed in red tonight If they even come at all Outside is an empty street A sacrament road poets eat The window wound won’t allow no sleeping Between the plaster walls Wipe the steam from the motel mirror Try and see the world more clearly Gypsy dreams don’t disappear Just because you are awake There’s a broken bottle on the double-white line Of a lonely stretch of east Texas pine It reflects the way that my eyes are trying Not to let my heart break There’s holes in love and poetry Some are deep enough to leave Room enough for you to breathe Yourself into their soul The sun is high the sky it seems Lies lazily while lover’s dreams Stitch green and blue horizon seams In worlds I cannot walk in But from these roads that my feet can feel I see their stars dance a light quadrille 'Round places where the darkness kneels I hear the angels talking I told you once by the river's light That you hold my heart and I knew you might Feel the way you do but that’s alright You face it full or fold So wipe them silver tears away I love you still and that's OK 'Cause lions are like feelings babe They cannot be controlled
3/4 Blues 03:24
3/4 Blues It's been enough days Since you broke my heart If sunsets were flowers I could be a graveyard Silence will whisper And lonesome'll touch I'm trying to forget you But I miss you too much 3/4 blues and a broke telephone Both have a way to make you feel you're alone I asked you for warmth And you set me on fire I asked you for love And you gave me desire When I asked you for nothing Then you finally came through But you did not take all my memories with you 3/4 blues, them 3/4 blues Fall from my frets to the soles of my shoes Time she keeps score with uneven hands And leaves me alone for a slow sarabande With my fingertips hurting And a pick that's worn through I'm trying to write something That feels like I do Songs that came rolling so easily before Puddle in pools by my feet on the floor 3/4 blues and the end of the sidewalk Both have a way to make you feel that you're lost I got me a toolbox and it's filled up with screws Some you unwound and some just shook loose I'm coming undone, I can plainfully see All of the ways that you screwdrivered me
A Gentle Place to Land I've been falling for so long now My feet can't recall how to stand But sitting beside you I feel like I've found A gentle place I can land I know I'm not the first one to be here They've marked you just like a tattoo I know you cannot control what you fear But I can not fight it for you Close your eyes Babe, I ain't going nowhere Close your eyes, babe I ain't going nowhere Unless you just want me to leave Time she spins with uneven hands Moving at different speeds But they share the same minute my friend Kind of like when you're with me Deep in your eyes and soft in your hands I see you don't like what you feel I won't patronize you like I understand But I trust your confusion is real I give you everything that I own And everything I believe None of it's worth all the kindness you've shown In wasting your good time with me So open your window and let in the rain It's something like breathing somehow At least I believe it's your choice to remain And I guess that's enough for right now I've been falling so long and so far My feet can't recall how to stand I know you're not perfect but I believe that you are A gentle place I can land
'73 Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl Ring Pendleton gets mighty lonely Spit-polished boots echo in the halls Thoughts of home come heavy flying Like the rednecks racing from Angelo to Wall We're both headed over yonder So the prophets say and the angels sing You've got a reminder In a '73 Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl ring If you look far enough you'll find it's raining If you look far enough you'll find the sun Just depends which way you're facing Either way, remember, you're a holy father's son When life's an empty tin of chew, man Or a foxhole filling up with rain You can put on your galoshes Or a '73 Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl ring Clouds cling like loved ones grieving Don't let the dust turn your blues grey You know the coming is worth the leaving Returning wouldn't taste as sweet any other way In the words of a ragged Bible Is a hunger for a home you've never seen Until your final arrival You've got a '73 Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl ring
Why Emily 03:59
Why Emily Emily’s finger is on the trigger she told herself tonight’s the night her world ain’t getting any bigger just the skin is getting tight Ideas of who she should be disappear when the room is dark all that’s left is a broken body all that’s left is an empty heart Artificial inspiration comes apart with every breath she turns the shower on for steaming steps into it fully dressed Arbitrarily pointing at the light bulb and a brush aiming at yourself ain’t easy but conversion never was Oh the lies that she’s been breathing rise as fast as they can fall into a thousand sharp reflections a bullet-hole in the bathroom wall Armistice with salvation settles on a quiet house in the shower where the water shows the skin beneath her blouse


Currently only available via digital download.

If you are one of the diminishing die-hards who would like a CD to have and hold, please contact Michael at his website michaeljarrett.com. Thanks


released October 20, 2012

Special thanks to the players:
Hitoshi Yamaguchi- cello
Katy Bowser- backing vocals
Jake Bradley- upright bass
Adam Kay & David Lutes - both are in there somewhere
Kenny Hutson- anything he could get his hands on which included at least: pedal steel, high-string, acoustic, electric guitars, bouzouki, mandolin, field organ, percussion, backing vocals, floor stomping and hand clapping


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michael thorne jarrett Texas

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