The Authorized Bootleg

by michael thorne jarrett

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released September 1, 2001



all rights reserved


michael thorne jarrett Texas

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Track Name: Hunter Train Bridge
Hunter Train Bridge

There's a low line of cedar at the 196 marker
And a train-bridge past Hunter in a 2 minute drive
I can still feel the rhythm of the far away engines
Or just my heart beating when you kissed me tonight
My heart beat like a train when you kissed me tonight

The band there at Riley's in the not too far distance
Was playing "Blue Eyes Cryin' in the Rain"
You and me walked on the tracks on the trestle
Put our ears to the rails to hear for the train
Your hair fell in your face trying to hear for the train

A half hour later, we'd joked and we'd listened
And we climbed on the rafters to look at the sky
I remember you smiling as we made constellations
That one's a dancer with a star in her eye
Hell, they all look like dancers with the stars in your eyes

There's a quarter moon grinning on north Comal county
Maybe it's some kind of joke in "disguise"
We balanced our way to the band back at Riley's
And left Hunter behind us on a Saturday night
We left the whole world behind us for a Saturday night

The very first kiss or a warm Coca-Cola
It'll make you feel sick and your head spin around
But I wouldn't miss the chance for another
Taste of your warm Co'-Cola mouth
I got me a can in the oven right now

Well, the truckers say love is a home porch-light burning
The painters say love is forbidden hue
The sailors find love at the edge of the morning
But me, I found love on a train-bridge with you
Yeah, me, I found love on a train bridge with you

Past the low line of cedar and the 196 marker
And a wore out motel where the train-jumpers hide
I can still feel the rhythm of the far away engines
Or just my heart beating when you kissed me tonight
My heart beat like a train-wreck when you kissed me tonight
Track Name: Tennessee Mornings
Tennessee Mornings

Tennessee mornings can look mighty clean
Early in autumn or late in the spring
But winter she sings with a whole 'nother song
And rhythm that I cannot follow along

Well farewell my friends my time here is ending
The fences have fallen and need jumping or mending
I got nothing to leave ya in the way of advice
'Cause I'm too old to know I'm too young to be wise

Come on compadre, it's time to get gone
Put our backs to the sun as it starts to dawn
We'll roll down the highway singing this song
And looking for something that most folks call home

The past, he's a soldier who wants to be healed
The future, I see through this dirty windshield
Right now, she stands like a child on the street
One hand in the air wanting something to eat

Yesterday morning I felt the breath
Of winter so I know there ain't much time left
Load up my lady I guess we should leave
While the autumn's a-sighing and the morning's still clean
Track Name: Love and Poetry
Love and Poetry

Pull the shades on the window tight
Try to block out the vacancy light
Dreams will be dressed in red tonight
If they even come at all

Outside is an empty street
A sacrament road poets eat
The window wound won’t allow no sleeping
Between the plaster walls

Wipe the steam from the motel mirror
Try and see the world more clearly
Gypsy dreams don’t disappear
Just because you are awake

There’s a broken bottle on the double-white line
Of a lonely stretch of east Texas pine
It reflects the way that my eyes are trying
Not to let my heart break

There’s holes in love and poetry
Some are deep enough to leave
Room enough for you to breathe
Yourself into their soul

The sun is high the sky it seems
Lies lazily while lover’s dreams
Stitch green and blue horizon seams
In worlds I cannot walk in

But from these roads that my feet can feel
I see their stars dance a light quadrille
'Round places where the darkness kneels
I hear the angels talking

I told you once by river light
That you hold my heart and I knew you might
Feel the way you do but that’s alright
You face it full or fold

So wipe them silver tears away
I love you still and that's OK
'Cause lions are like feelings babe
They cannot be controlled
Track Name: Motorhome in Heaven
Motorhome in Heaven

I got a motorhome in heaven it's a waiting there for me
With a brand new Chevy engine and a cushioned toilet seat
It's a pretty good vehicle for cruising 'round on high
And when you're traveling with Jesus that motorhome will fly

Job's got a Winnebago, he says it suits his style
And after all them years on camels, driving 90 makes him smile
In James and John's Jamboree the party never ends
Jesus claws the banjo and Mary's on the mandolin

Abraham pulls a fifth-wheel, Sarah picked it out
Noah's got him a house-boat, he likes sailing much better now
And Peter built a tractor rig it soars just like a prayer
He hauls bourbon from Kentucky, though they call it "milk" up there

Jesus was a traveler friends; you can read it in the book
He was heading home on every dirt-road that he took
And I'm on the highway living, heading God-knows-where
It ain't hell and it ain't heaven, it's just a road to take me there

I got a motorhome a-waitin in heaven when I die
With a brand new Chevy engine and a shower 8 feet high
It's a pretty good vehicle to go cruising with the saints
After all them years spent traveling, it's hard to change your ways
Track Name: By the River Blues
By the River Blues

Wish I could hear the wind and never think of you
Wish I could watch the morning and only see the sun
I'd like to fall asleep with sleeping on my mind
Never wake from dreaming, never dreaming I ain't fine

I guess I'd like to fly but I ain't got no wings
I'd like to sail around the world just for the song to sing
I'd like to write a song for you just to see you smile
Maybe hold my hand, maybe just sit here for a while

The river she's a rolling all my thoughts of you
Tonight she's dark but morning will make her green and blue

You seem to laugh like summer and you seem to smile like spring
You can make my heart dance like rain on a diamond ring
I'd like to hold you in my arms and see me in your eyes
Walk with you 'til morning stretches across the sky

I sit here by the water and I watch the dock-lights roll
Around in their reflection as the wind begins to blow
I'd like to think they're stars that have fallen from the sky
And not just lights on water that remind me of your eyes

I'd like to hear the wind blow, I'd like to see the sun
I'd like to find the star that you make your wishes on
I'd like to hold you in my arms and see me in your eyes
Walk with you 'til morning dances across the sky
Track Name: Greg's Song
Greg's Song

There's a blue sky hanging on the horizon
Like the freedom of the feeling of the wind
There's song blowing in through the windows rolled down
And I'm running out of places I ain't been

The road slides beside me like a river
We swam just to see where it would go
There weren't no fish around to see me nearly drown
But buddy that's the only way of living that we know

Ooh-rah Captain won't you come on back again
Texas is your home and hell, I need a friend
Ooo-wee Gregory the highway knows our song
Looking back, you gotta laugh at how we lived this long

At night, you know, the scenery never changes
Just the signs that mark the county roads
Caffeine and nicotine coursing through our veins
At Waffle House somewhere in West Monroe

The moon she's a fine old traveling partner
She'll shine just as sweet as sugar-pie
The morning can smile just like a girl you wanna love
When she wraps the dawn around you, you forget to wonder why

I-20 sure can make you mighty weary
Like a truck stuck in the mud and out of gas
Walking in at 6 am and we're on the road again
Just another dawn come way too fast

You're stuck up there somewhere in Virginia
Glad you finally left Tennessee
But you'll never stay too long once you hear that rambling song
Son, I can't complain, it's the same way with me

The highway she ain't much of a lover
But she'll do until we find another one
There's a weariness and a dreariness in the setting of the sun
Like 27 hours straight and 12 more 'til you're done
Track Name: Bobby Boone
Bobby Boone

Bobby Boone took a red balloon to the corner of Idaho
Looking for a girl from a different world
To tell her what he didn't know
She asked him where he kept his watch
He said, "It's time to go"
They hopped in a van with guy named Man
While the sun fell far below

You know that Bobby was a sailor
Though he'd never seen the sea
But he had drunk water once
And that's good enough for me
He took off with a violin
A compass and a rose
To figure out the life he's in
Just following his nose

Joy Marie she could never see
What life was all about
Till one day ole Bobby came
And tried to pull her out
He was pleasant company
He was so devout
She left mama and them
To follow him
And her heart began to shout...

Joy was mild for an only child
Of a preacher's only daughter
But she'd catch all them local smiles
Just like her mama taught her
Bobby nearly broke his hand
Trying to take her from them boys
Cause Coeur d'Alene had no terrain
Quite like that of Joy's

With dreams afloat they bought a boat
And they sailed around the world
Sipping wine, half the time they didn't know where they were
Joy began to smile at him
When he'd make the fiddle purr
The songs he'd write all alone at night
They's mostly sung for her
He'd sing:

Sail to the moon on a silver spoon
Leave traces in the sky
Hope for the world
That you find the girl
With the sunshine in her eyes
I have wondered through the fire and ice
Then I looked above
It takes quite a sacrifice
To know that life is love
You know that once I was a sailor
Though I'd never seen the sea
But I had drunk water once
That was good enough for me
I took off with a violin
And your sweet company
To figure out this life we're in
Won't you walk awhile with me
Track Name: Blue & Green
Blue & Green

He dreams in shades of green
Colorado in the spring
The eyes of fallen angels fighting for the songs he sings

His brother dreams in blue
West Texas skies in June
Clouds of smoke like poetry and denim faded through

He's a prophet in blue jeans
Singing what he sees
Melodies a-reeling like a drunk who's lost his keys

His brother laughs along
And paints the shape of songs
To play out in the parking lot once everybody's gone

There's words out in the wind
God wrote when the world began
The poets and the painters, they find one every now and then

The rambler rides around
In the rain with the windows down
And smells the breath of poetry of guys in other towns

The scent it makes him sing
The morning breaks its seam
As he flies along the highways and dreams of blue and green
Track Name: Phillip Lee
Phillip Lee

My name was not always Phillip Lee
There was a time I had a wife and family
A house on a farm in Alabama
Another life lived by another man

Snake wasn’t poor but he was trash
Breath of rotten smoke and sour mash
His daddy owned the county’s only bar
And had a dollar behind every county star

Eulie was a sharecropper's child
Alabama spring every time she smiled
We had been married 'bout a year
Little Rosa came with the first frost in the air

Flesh and blood, earth and air, beginning again
Forty years living hasn't changed
April muds still find me there trying to make amends
Looking for a way to stop the rain

Evening April tenth of '58
We’re driving home on the Eufaula highway
Rain was falling harder than the night
A broke down car crept into the headlights

'Mister, can we give you a ride?'
'Yessir' the black man replied
'I’m goin' to see my cousin Charlie Lee'
'Get in. He don’t live too far past me'

Snake pulled behind us in his pick-up truck
He bumped us once and he turned his bright lights up
Pushed us ‘til we’s running 85
Eulie held Rosa, she was crying

I tried so many times to hit the brakes
But we spun off that Eufaula highway
I remember in a blur after the crash
Snake honked his horn twice and drove on past us

The next thing I recall about that night
Was Charlie Lee's face in a lantern light
He helped me pull the others from the wreck
When he saw his cousin, his shoulders began to shake

After I got Eulie to Charlie's truck
She breathed her last and give the Spirit up
Rosa's quiet face still haunts my dreams
I held her close to keep her from the rain

Before the Chattahoochee saw the sun
Snake found himself at the end of my shot gun
Through a cigarette lipped smile He said 'Nigger how’s your wife?'
I never heard the sound but I pulled the trigger twice
Took off in the morning grey for the woods I grew up in
Asked Jesus to forgive me but I don’t think I had sinned

Just the black folks knew that Snake had died
When the Sheriff had the bodies identified
None of them ever said a word
They buried Phillip next to Eulie behind the church

So Eulie's always eighteen in my mind
And Rosa's still an arm-baby cryin'
After forty years with just their memories
I'm not so sure they'd ever recognize me

My name was not always Phillip Lee
There was a time I had a wife and family
A house on a farm in Alabama
Another life lived by another man
Track Name: '73 Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl Ring (TJ's Song)
'73 Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl Ring (Bootleg)

Pendleton gets mighty lonely
Spit-polished boots echo in the halls
Thoughts of home come heavy flying
Like rednecks racing from Angelo to Wall

We're both heading over yonder
So the prophets say and the angels sing
You've got a reminder
In a '73 Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl ring

If you look far enough you'll find it's raining
If you look far enough you'll find the sun
Just depends which way you're facing
Either way, remember, you're a holy father's son

When life's an empty tin of chew, man
Or a foxhole filling up with rain
You can put on your galoshes
Or a '73 Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl ring

Clouds cling like loved ones grieving
Don't let the dust turn your blues grey
You know the coming is worth the leaving
Returning wouldn't taste as sweet any other way

In the words of a ragged Bible
Is a hunger for a home you haven't seen
Until your final arrival
You've got a '73 Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl ring
Track Name: Sonnet at Sunrise
Sonnet at Sunrise (Un-named/un-finished on the Bootleg)

The sun slants through my window
On a thousand angels' wings
Sets the morning in the dust
Like your gold hair in my dreams

There's an echo gently fading
Of your laughter it might have been
Now receding with my waking
I cannot bring it back again

I'm the dust and dirt my darling
You're as soft as an eiderdown
Press your cool lips against my forehead
Till my rambling runs aground

Can you pick up my broken pieces
Set them gently on your shelf
Can you bring me the love of Jesus
Babe, to save me from myself

You got brown eyes watching the sunrise
Someplace far from this room
I got a two-count heart a-beating
Once for me and once for you

I can't believe the wind ain't roaring
I can't believe the rain don't care
Nah, the morning's just a lover
With the sunrise in her hair

The sun slants through my window
On a thousand angels wings
Sets the warm light in the dust
Like your gold hair in my dreams